Anonymous asked: is ytf all asians

A lot of people think Andrew is half filipino, but he’s actually 100% Mexican! Chester is half filipino with a mix of white and native American (:

20 Handshakes

20 Handshakes


This makes me happy!! 


This makes me happy!! 

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Anonymous asked: I have a feeling Ryan wouldn't like how you make it seem he hates Gays. I would suggest you remove the "Yall gay guys need to stop hitting on Ryan." That's extremely rude.

It’s meant to be read with a humorous tone instead of a rude tone though… A lot of people (including gays) have messaged me saying they find it funny. I’m genuinely sorry if it has offended you in any way but just to let you know neither Ryan or I have anything against gays (:

Anonymous asked: what is the video where ryan mixes a bunch of stuff together a drinks it?

It’s from Silent Library Challenge! (:

Anonymous asked: what is the video where Ryan picks up a dude by the collar and kisses him by accident?

It’s from his short film Agent’s of Secret Stuff! The part where he accidentally kisses Ian is at 33:00 ish when they show the bloopers.

Ryan Higa for President

Ryan Higa for President!

Silent Library Challenge: Ice Undies Challenge

ryleenotme-deactivated20140411 asked: Hi.. I don't have any question yet.. But I just wanna say that.. I really love your tumblr.. So organized, detailed and when I read through all your stuff I can feel that you are a nice and sweet person (don't feel creepy haha) Thanks for your efforts and I hope Ryan will see these one day! <3

Thank you! (: Hurhurhur but I could just be a mean person in real life who just types nice and sweet :P jkjk I feel like I haven’t put in as much effort into this blog lately though due to college assignments and pokemon training but thank you very much!

Silent Library Challenge: YTF Cocktail

It&#8217;s officially October 9 in Hawaii so&#8230;Happy YTF Day &lt;3

It’s officially October 9 in Hawaii so…Happy YTF Day <3

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